“It was truly my pleasure to deliver a talk at CFAD and meet so many engaged and curious people.  Thank you very much for the opportunity and the incredibly kind reception I received from all I encountered.”

Past CFAD Speaker and Professor

“College For a Day is a wonderful opportunity to engage with a diverse community of lifelong learners. Their enthusiasm and insights are reminders that teachers learn, and learners teach, and I returned to my college from this event with renewed gratitude for the opportunity to teach.”

Faculty Speaker

“The attendees at College for a Day were the liveliest and most engaging audience I’ve ever had. The group was quite large —I think nearly 200—and this made for a very exciting day.  The questions I received about my work were challenging and insightful, and a few of the participants contacted me by email after the event to follow up. I’d never presented my work along with other academics for such an occasion, and the format worked very well.  I learned a great deal from my colleagues’ talks, as well as enjoying the enthusiasm of all the participants throughout the day.  I would not have missed this event! As both a speaker and as part of the audience listening to others share their work, I felt that I was part of an important life-long learning community.”

Past CFAD Speaker and Professor

“I was pleasantly surprised that the speakers at College for a Day were entertaining as well as informative. The topics were varied, interesting and well-presented. We got to relive some of the best things about college — learning from captivating experts in the company of good friends. What a delightful way to spend a day!”   

Alice R.

“Last year was my first opportunity to attend College for a Day, but hopefully not my last! When I got home that afternoon, I told my husband all about the interesting presentations— he will try to come next year if he can!”

Sharlene F.

“CFAD is a terrific way to ease into the new year. The professors’ presentations are on a wide variety of topics, and they are accessible, targeted at people with no previous academic experience. The room is full of bright people, and the lunch is delicious. Highly recommended!”

Nancy S.

“I am always amazed that the visiting professors who lecture each year at College For A Day can make ANY topic both interesting and informative.”

Robert L.

“I love starting each new year by attending College for a Day. It offers not only three diverse lectures by noted scholars, but also the opportunity to connect with people of all ages who love learning for its own sake.”

Debbie J.

“The symposiums have been very interesting and I have enjoyed the topics presented, the people I’ve met and the lunches.   It is wonderful to watch the support available to women who attended all women’s colleges.   It makes me wonder if we have not lost something by going all coed.”

Suzanne P.


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